Is mothers day made up just to sell red/pink flowers and cards?

Here is the perfect day, Mother’s Day, to say a ‘thank you’ for being such a great mom who does little things to make us smile, teach us the most important lessons of life, cheers upon our success and failure. Now it’s your time to shower love with gifts to put twinkles in your mom’s eye. You can choose an easy option to gift like chocolates, flowers and cards, but she deserves more that these all things.

Mother's Day Gift's
Mother’s Day Gift’s


“The real secret behind motherhood love, the thing that money can’t buy.” ~ ANNA CROSBY

Every mom plays an important part in her daughter/son’s life. Mother’s day is a special day for every mom who is always there for you in every step of your life, who have magical healing techniques or who cook a delicious food for you. We hardly appreciate the things she had done for us over the years, but you can’t miss this opportunity to tell her what she meant to you and also admire her for what she is!

Every Celebration is incomplete without the rituals of giving gifts, visit our special page of Mother’s Day gift ideas for different types of mom! Here are some wonderful things to express your love for mom rather than just arranging a dinner and bouquets of flowers!

Mother’s Day is a lot more than just Cards and Flowers!

Mom’s love and care cannot be compared with anything in this world, but celebrating this special day will foster even more happiness and closeness among all family members. Ask yourself – “Is mothers day made up just to sell red/pink flowers and cards?” obviously not. Once a beautiful lady said that – Being a mother, she can never be alone in her thoughts and dreams”. She always thinks twice, firstly for her child and then for herself.

Treat your mom as “Queen of the Day”

It’s mother’s day, mom’s day to make her feel like the queen of the home. Do silly things, make her wear a crown or ask to keep her feet up and just wait till all tasks are done! Tell her that she does the fantastic job all day long which requires real skill and hard work. Being a mother is lifetime job and it’s always a good idea to spoil her with little more comfort and care.

“Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heart throb.” ~ LEORY BROWNLOW

Mother’s Day is not just an event to celebrate.

Definitely this day is worth a party celebration, but don’t forget to make your mom feel glad with dedicating a short poem or a big hug. Share the moments when you realize that how difficult it is to spend a single day without her. Be more thoughtful to put up little extra love and care to say “Thank You” to the world’s best mom.

Don’t treat mom as just a “Sunday Woman”

Your mom is never off duty, even on holidays, she is a mother every day! So try not to give her something that you cannot give her on any odd Monday or Friday. It’s not a mystery now that every mom just expects one thing, that is, to spend some quality time with their children and family.

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – Life!

A mother’s love is always unconditional for their children. Mom is much more than just a person who gave life, she is a special lady who pampers you, who fulfilled your every wish, who wiped tears when you cry and smile when you’re happy! A special day has come when you can say aloud that how much you love your mummy! Don’t forget to appreciate every woman in your life who gave you love, affection and wisdom without any concern.

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